Duet for One
USA   1986    102 min    VHS     
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Sprachen  VHS:   Englisch   
Genre  Drama


Stephanie, a famous violin player married to a composer becomes ill from multiple sclerosis. Her whole life goes to pieces: Her career ends abruptly and her husband betrays her with another woman and her favourite pupil decides to leave for a tour in the USA. Stephanie tries to take her life.
Regie Andrej Konchalovsky  
Drehbuch Andrej Konchalovsky   Tom Kempinski   Jeremy Lipp  
Schauspiel Max von Sydow   Liam Neeson   Rupert Everett   Julie Andrews   Alan Bates   Macha Meril   Cathryn Harrison   Sigfrit Steiner   Siobhan Redmond   Margaret Courtenay  
Kamera Alex Thomson  
Musik Michael Bishop  
Vorlage Tom Kempinski  
Produktion Menahem Golan   Yoram Globus