Raw Deal
(Flucht ohne Ausweg)
USA   1948    79 min    DVD   
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Genre  Drama   Krimi   Film Noir


"Joe Sullivan wants to get out of prison. With the help of his girfriend Pat and the streetworker Ann he manages to escape. But then Joe falls for Ann and they all together are tracked by a killer, hired by Gangsterboss Rick, who owes him money." Film-Noir-Klassiker. (s/w) *
Regie Anthony Mann  
Drehbuch John C. Higgins   Leopold Atlas   Arnold B. Armstrong   Audrey Ashley  
Schauspiel John Ireland   Raymond Burr   Claire Trevor   Whit Bissell   Robert Williams   Dennis O'Keefe   Ilka Grüning   Harry Tyler   Marsha Hunt  
Kamera John Alton  
Musik Paul Sawtell